Classic Breakfast Plate 2 of our farm’s eggs cooked to order, choice of sausage patties or bacon; hash-browns, oven roasted potatoes or grits; toast or biscuit $8

Breakfast Sandwich Our farm’s eggs scrambled, Ashe county cheddar with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham $5

Local Fire Roasted Pepper Omelette Our farm’s eggs, local greens, fire roasted poblano and sweet banana peppers, caramelized onions and Ashe county hoop cheddar cheese $10

Sweet Potato Pancakes Made from The Garden of Concord sweet potatoes with a roasted pecan and persimmon topping, served with sausage and two of our farm’s eggs $11

Quiche Local seasonal vegetables, cheese & our farm’s eggs baked in a house-made crust w/ the choice of oven roasted potatoes or grits, biscuit or toast $9

Pan-seared Mahi Mahi Filet Wild caught mahi mahi served atop a hashbrown with two sunny side up eggs and a warm bacon dill cream sauce $15

Sunday’s Biscuits & Gravy Cheddar cheese and two of our farm’s eggs topped with a white meat fried chicken cutlet $11

Corned Beef Hash House-made corned beef served with oven roasted potatoes, bell peppers and red onions with two sunny side up eggs and a slice of Chicken Bridge Bakery rye toast $10

Add a Side
Bacon $3 • Sausage patties $2.50 • Country grits, hash-browns or oven roasted potatoes $2 each • Toast, biscuit or cornbread $2 each

Sweet Side
Ask your server about our house-made sweets

Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee, hot tea, orange juice & milk
Served After 12pm: Mimosa 6oz $5 | 12oz $10 Sunrise Mimosa 6oz $4 | 12oz $8